Silk Curling Ribbon
Silk Curling Ribbon
Silk Curling Ribbon
Silk Curling Ribbon
Silk Curling Ribbon

Silk Curling Ribbon

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Kit includes:

Silk Curling Ribbon™ Pink

Hair Clip of your choice!

Pink Satin Scrunchies (2)

Instructional Card

The Curling Ribbon™ is made from 100% silk and is very gentle on the hair. The silk will help reduce frizziness, and make your hair soft and shiny.

The Curling Ribbon is 34-36" long and can be used on a variety of different hair lengths.

The Scrunchies are made from 100% satin charmeuse with a 2" diameter. They are very gentle on the hair and will not leave creases.

Limited Reserve - Special Set Aside

If there is a clip you would like that is not displayed here, please contact our customer service team to adjust it to your preferences,

To confirm lead times on the Curling Ribbon™ Kit, please contact our customer service team,

Hand made in Los Angeles


Key Features:

1. Heat-Free Styling: No heat means no damage! The Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon has a 100% silk design, which lets you achieve bouncy, voluminous curls while preserving the health of your hair. Say goodbye to split ends, breakage, and dryness caused by hot styling tools.

2. Suitable for All Hair Types: Whether you have fine, thick, straight, or wavy hair, our curling ribbon is designed to work with any hair type. With a 34-36" length, all hair types can achieve beautiful, natural-looking curls without hassle or discomfort.

3. Easy-to-Use: Simply wrap your dry hair around the soft, flexible ribbon, secure it in place, and let it air dry or sleep with it overnight. When you wake up, just gently remove the ribbon to reveal stunning, frizz-free curls.

4. Time-Saving: No need to spend hours in front of the mirror with curling irons or rollers. The Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon works its magic while you sleep, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters.

5. Travel-Friendly: Lightweight and compact, the curling ribbon is the perfect travel companion. Maintain your beautiful curls on-the-go without the need for heavy, bulky styling tools.

6. Reusable & Eco-Friendly: Made of high-quality 100% silk, our hair curling ribbon is designed for long-lasting use, reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable styling solution.